Think Outside the Flock Skylar Media

An agency that brands and rebrands… rebranding itself!  Skylar has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception in 2001, and while the past several years have seen the most significant advances, we have become synonymous with a colour (blue), a symbol (our bird icon) and messaging (brand management). 2019 was the right time to detail our evolution through a rebrand, but it needed to be done strategically and creatively while being respectful of our history – just as we do for our clients.

To represent our strength in developing bold and effective strategy, our bird icon was simplified and made slightly bolder and more aggressive, through myriad subtle adjustments. In order to reflect upon our creative capabilities of working within brand limitations, we adopted a new exclusive custom font that was derived from the Panton family; it is professional while encompassing a certain degree of flair, and is unique but maintains clarity – a perfect representation of the creative work that Skylar delivers. While not focused on the media aspect of the advertising world, our name is registered and trademarked, so in order to serve as an indication of our progression, the ‘MEDIA’ was made less prominent by detaching it from ‘SKYLAR’ in previous logos and combining it underneath with the ‘GROUP’ part of our name. Finally, the loudest part of our new visual branding was the injection of a custom warm red as a primary colour; alluding to a major change in what Skylar is, our country (Canada), and the intensity by which we operate.

As is often the case, we needed to introduce messaging that would support our visual representation. Our previous taglines were descriptors, only serving to indicate what we do, not how we do it (‘Brand & Identity Management’ or ‘Creative Brand Management’). With almost 2 decades of history, we determined that it was no longer necessary to explain our offerings; it was time to tell the world how we operate. ‘THINK OUTSIDE THE FLOCK’ tells our story: the Skylar bird (singular) is not a part of ‘the flock’.  We work uniquely, and we fly alone from our competition (and the industry in general). We do not do things certain ways because that’s the way they have always been done, we do them because they are the right ways for our clients to be successful. We are renowned authors of North America’s foremost strategy and riveting creative. We take pride in our work, we take ownership of the brands we work on, we do what it takes, and more. We fly alone, but we’d love to fly with you.

Introducing… the new Skylar.


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