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Client Story - Alectra Utilities

Creating connections with customers — with electrifying results.


The Alectra Butterfly:
A campaign of metamorphosis

This butterfly earned its wings. We took an icon of change and turned it into an energy conservation awareness movement. This campaign brought a significant lift in customer participation throughout Alectra’s conservation and energy savings programs designed for consumers, SMBs and enterprise level customers.

  • Digital campaign development
  • Website development
  • Connections planning
  • Digital content and display campaigns
  • Social media strategy & content
  • Experiential
Alectra campaign

Increased engagement across the entire Alectra territory was driven through a campaign that included experiential, web, social, and digital elements designed to establish Alectra as being MUCH more than your typical utility.


The website story: A tale of 5 utilities

Creating a single customer-centric organization by amalgamating five established utilities was the challenge Alectra was faced with. Developing a web platform for the new entity, was ours. Our largest web project to date saw the delivery of 2 new sites, enhancing brand awareness and creating a more streamlined user experience for our audience.

  • Content architecture
  • UX strategy
  • UI design
  • Web development

Avg. traffic per month -

Avg. traffic per month -


The e-billing campaign.
Motivating customers to make the switch.

Exceeding expectations and supporting charitable endeavors. Tasked with converting customers to e-billing, we leveraged the Alectra Utilities website, creating a landing page and six-month campaign dedicated to motivating customers to go paperless. With each new sign-up, donations were made to local food banks — part of Alectra’s commitment to social responsibility.

Winner of several notable North American awards

  • Digital campaign development
  • Media planning
  • Connections planning
  • Monitoring & optimization


Target achieved

Alectra Laptop
Alectra Mobile Phone Images
Alectra Mobile Phone Images
Alectra Laptop
Alectra Laptop

A campaign designed for call centre support

Supporting emergency response with strategic advertising. To reduce the number of incoming calls resulting from emergency situations, we run a time-sensitive targeted ad campaign that triggers support messages to customer queries, helping them troubleshoot such issues as outages and everyday inquiries like moving to/from a property — reducing the need for call centre support.

  • Social content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Hashtag strategy


Traffic increase


A social strategy built around quality content and engagement

Alert and inform: our approach to Alectra’s social presence. We develop social media content that is informative, supportive, and engaging, alerting customers to special announcements through a mix of community and business-focused content.

Alectra Mobile Phone ImagesAlectra Mobile Phone ImagesAlectra Mobile Phone ImagesAlectra Mobile Phone ImagesAlectra Mobile Phone ImagesAlectra Mobile Phone Images

A power-full relationship

The team at Skylar understands our vision for the future and are a trusted partner. Skylar’s team is professional and are experts in all facets of our communications efforts, from strategic web development to informed digital advertising and social comms, we can count on them as we would a marketing department down the hall. They work closely with us to help solve challenges for our customers in real time and they truly are a one stop shop for all marketing solutions.

- Blair Peberdy, Vice-President Government & Corporate Relations

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