Finally Italian
Finally Italian
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  • Chef Gianni Ceschia and his team brought an idea to Skylar – to bring the authentic and renowned dishes he is famous for, to the kitchens (and plates) of consumers across Canada.
  • The food was the easy part – but Chef Gianni needed a name, a brand, and a go-to-market strategy that would present culinary options – authentic Italian cuisine – that until now, have been missing from the marketplace.


  • Given the myriad choices available to consumers through food delivery services, in addition to heat-and-eat options at grocery stores, our insights informed the idea that there was always something missing – authentic recipes, natural ingredients, flavourful dishes, healthy options, reasonable prices – there was nothing in the marketplace that checks all of the boxes.
  • Those insights led to the name. FINALLY… authentic Italian dishes available same-day. FINALLY… natural, healthy dinner options anyone can feel good about serving to their family. FINALLY… all of that in a convenient, reasonably priced package that can be ready in 10 minutes or less. FINALLY… a better option than overpriced and lukewarm dishes from the delivery services or the bland, preservative-filled frozen options available in stores.


  • E-commerce serves as the centrepiece of the business model, with customers ordering (on average) a combination of pasta, pizza, sauce, breads and other items to serve 3 family dinners, per order.
  • Through brand awareness campaigns as well as monthly specials (including discounted items, free delivery and other specials) through influencer, digital and social channels, our strategy has built a strong foundation of already-loyal customers who support our efforts with overwhelmingly positive word-of-mouth support.
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