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Forest Gate
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Forest Gate opened its doors in the spring of 2021. Their mandate to invest in communities in Sothern Ontario and making communities more integrated and liveable, spoke to their capacity to operate with an agile investment methodology.

Forest Gate needed to educate the market of not only their brand, but of their inception, how they plan to make impact in a space in clear need of investment and that presents clear opportunity for their portfolio.


Skylar was mandated to curate a social strategy that supported their ability to communicate their brand and it is purpose to their larger audience. The strategy required flexibility, and agility as the brand and its goals would continue to grow overtime, so how would we futureproof a modern- cutting edge brand, thought leadership.


We have curated a social and communication strategy that has the legs to flex to fit the needs of the brand. With engaging content curation that embodies the goals and ambition of the Forest Gate brand, and a strategy that has the depth to support clear thought leadership in their industry; while highlighting their progress in the market as confirmation.

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